Samsung introduces the Bespoke Family Hub Plus Refrigerator with a built-in 32-inch screen

Samsung Electronics has chosen CES 2023 in Las Vegas, scheduled for January 5-8, 2023, to showcase its new smart refrigerator. Family Hub Plus joint. Like all refrigerators in Samsung’s Family Hub line, the first model of which was launched in 2016, this new model can also be connected to the Internet for use of services related to entertainment, family communication, cooking and smart home thanks to the integration of AI and IoT technologies and a large touch screen. And just like the products in the company’s Bespoke line, this refrigerator can also be customized in terms of exterior design, as it is possible to choose between different colors and finishes during the purchase phase.

New fridge contains 32-inch Full HD touch screen, which is more than twice the size of the 21.5-inch screen included in the previous Family Hub. Samsung made it clear that this choice was made for him “Reflecting the consumer’s high preference for large screens, to present Family Hub’s various services in a more convenient and attractive way.”

Among the services that can be accessed from the new refrigerator screen are ‘Samsung Plus TV‘, the free ad-supported TV streaming platform launched by Samsung in 2019. Thanks to this service, you can watch TV channels (more than 190 in the US and more than 80 in Korea) for free on your refrigerator.

The screen is positioned vertically, so it’s optimized for playing videos created in portrait format offered by major social media platforms like YouTube. However, thanks to the supported PIP (Picture in Picture) mode and multitasking, you can watch a video in landscape format on one part of the screen and something else on the second window. For example, you can watch news broadcasts from Samsung TV Plus while following the recipe being prepared in the kitchen. It is also possible to have a work of art among those available in the Bespoke Atelier app reproduced on display.

Through the display, it is also possible to monitor and control various smart devices in your smart home connected to the SmartThings platform through SmartThings Home Life tools and services (SmartThings Cooking, Energy, Garment Care, Pet Grooming, Air Grooming and Home Care), news about the SmartThings app Which allows centralized and integrated control of the company’s devices. And because the SmartThings hub is built-in, you can use your refrigerator as a home IoT hub to control lights, blinds, switches, motion sensors, and door open sensors from various companies.

Plus, you can display your photos stored in your favorite cloud storage service between Google Photos and Microsoft OneDrive on your fridge screen — you can even share photos with other people right from your fridge.

For users in the US, there’s also an “Amazon Your Essentials” service available, which lets you associate frequently purchased products with widgets to display on the fridge’s home screen, so they can be quickly ordered when needed with a single touch.

We currently have no information about the future availability of this product in Italy. More information for European markets can be found at MWC Barcelona 2023.

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