Samantha Cristoforetti will be the next commander of the International Space Station

Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti Was selected To become the next leader of International Space Station (ISS)It is the large laboratory for scientific research that revolves around the Earth. Christoforiti will succeed Russian Oleg Artemyev in the position and will be the first European woman to hold the position. The designation is jointly determined by the space agencies that operate the International Space Station: NASA (USA), Roscosmos (Russia), JAXA (Japan), the Canadian Space Agency (Canada) and the European Space Agency, of which it is itself a part of Cristoforetti.

As commander of the International Space Station, Cristoforetti will be responsible for the work of the crews who will from time to time ascend to the station, where scientific experiments are carried out above all to take advantage of the special conditions of the place: most of these study the adaptation of the human body to “weightlessness’ and its consequences for the organism ( But chemical, medical, biotechnology, and other experiments that benefit from weightlessness are also conducted.)

Cristoforetti will officially take over the position with a symbolic ceremony in which the former commander gives a key to the new key, which will take place on Wednesday 28 September and will be broadcast live on ESA channels. At that moment, Cristoforetti will still be aboard the International Space Station, where soared at the end of April On a six-month assignment ending in October. One of his first tasks as commander will specifically be to ensure optimal end-of-mission delivery between his current crew and the next crew that will board the International Space Station.

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