Samantha Cristoforetti returns to Earth, the Minerva- mission concludes after 170 days

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The Italian astronaut departed on April 27 with a Falcon rocket from Elon Musk’s SpaceX. Dragon capsule landed in the sea off Florida

after 170 days Samantha Cristoforetti Back to earth. 22.55 (Italian time) capsule the Dragon With the crew on board Crew 4 regularly give up FloridaIt was immediately recovered by the rescue teams. Astrosamantha He does well, as do his three travel companions, as Jill Lindgren, Robert Hines and Jessica Watkins. The four, with a one-and-a-half day delay due to suboptimal weather conditions in the previous days in the arrivals area in the Atlantic, departed shortly after 17.30. International Space Station (Version) for a short and direct return trip.

the first two

Thus concludes AstroSamantha Minerva Mission, his second in space. The first, between November 23, 2014 and June 11, 2015, occurred with the Russian spacecraft SoyuzIt was launched and landed in the steppes of Kazakhstan. During the mission that just ended, Cristoforetti created two records: It was actually The first European astronaut to walk in space and the first European to lead the International Space Station. The return was supposed to take place on September 20, but it was delayed due to a delay Crew Mission 5 launch.


“I hope to see my family and friends again soon and be able to take a shower,” the Italian cosmonaut said before the symbolic ceremony handing over command of the International Space Station to Russian Sergei Prokopyev. Thanks to Italy for the opportunity to be on the space station. After arriving, the next few days Cristoforetti reach the centerEuropean Space Agency (ESA) in Cologne, Germany. Astrosamantha I was Departed from Cape Canaveral on April 27 with a SpaceX Falcon missilethe private company of Elon Musk. He said that on his second mission in space he was able to appreciate more of what was happening and understand more details.

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