Samantha Cristoforetti celebrates the first 100 days of the Minerva – Space & Astronomy mission

“Time flies when you have fun…”. With these words Samantha Cristoforetti celebrates the first 100 days of the Minerva mission, which sees its hero aboard the International Space Station (ISS). “Thank you to all the teams supporting us on this journey,” the ESA astronaut wrote on Twitter, promising followers to post a new selfie soon to update the photo taken during its first 200 days. In space at the end of the previous Futura mission.

In the meantime, AstroSam is publishing a short video clip summarizing this first part of the Minerva mission, which began last April 28 when the astronaut arrived at the International Space Station thanks to SpaceX’s private shuttle Crew Dragon. Once in orbit, Samantha immediately felt at home and set to work on breaking new records: becoming the first TikToker in space, beating the youngest with “out of this world” videos, and then the first woman in the European Union to conduct an extravehicular flight. . Space station maintenance activity.

In a period of strong international tensions, Cristoforetti – also on the occasion of the call with the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella – told how cooperation and friendship continue between astronauts from different countries aboard the International Space Station. There were no repercussions even for the busy schedule envisioned by the Minerva mission, which also includes the LIDAL, Nutriss and Acoustic Diagnostics experiments selected by the Italian Space Agency (ASI).

In his spare time, AstroSam never misses an opportunity to take breathtaking photos of Earth, such as the one on August 4 that shows Europe and Italy illuminated by the light of a golden sunset. “How many lakes, rivers, and seas can you recognize?” asked the astronaut, as he tested the viewpoint of his fans on social media.

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