Samantha Cristoforetti as in “2001: A Space Odyssey”: Walking in Velcro Shoes “In Zero Gravity” – Videos

Commander of the International Space Station Samantha Cristoforetti Never cease to be amazed. After honor icon Star TrekCatherine Janeway, the first woman to lead Starfleet, after putting herself in the shoes of a Starbuck pilot in the series Battlestar Galactica and later that of Dr. Stone, played by Sandra Bullock in the film gravityAstroSamantha strikes again. And he did so by putting himself in the shoes of the hostess of Banam, mimicking a scene from a masterpiece of Stanley KubrickAnd the 2001: space flight. In the original movie, in fact, the flight attendant wears a white uniform and special shoes with soles covered with Velcro, so she can stick to the floor of the spacecraft. The movie scene that revives Cristoforetti is the scene in which the hostess walks up the side of a circular wall. Kubrick, in making the film, was able to achieve the effect with a rotating assembly. Hence the idea of ​​seeing if this is actually possible in space. In a tweet, Cristoforetti wrote: “I have to know…Can you really walk in space with Velcro shoes?”. Later, the commander of the International Space Station published a video clip, in which Cristoforetti, dressed in white, covered with a hood and Velcro shoes, perfectly reproduces the scene of the march contained in the 1968 film directed by Stanley Kubrick. In short, Commander Cristoforetti not only shines for her abilities and skills as an astronaut, but once again proves that she is a formidable scientific celebrity, knows how to combine science with fun, and engages and accompanies the terrestrial audience to discover space exploration.

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Cover photos and videos: Twitter / Samantha Cristoforetti / ESA

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