Sam Briggs has officially announced his retirement from competitive CrossFit®

One of the strongest CrossFit® players we’ve ever met, has officially announced that she will no longer compete in CF. Sam Briggs He retires from our sport after finishing seventh in the Strength in Depth semi-final, which was held in London over the weekend of June 11.

With a few words and a photo of a shoe on the competition floor, Sam Briggs, 2013’s World’s Most Beautiful Woman, announced that she would no longer compete.

“London was amazing,” she wrote in her Instagram post. “Thank you for all the support over the past 13 years. Now is the time to put out more fires.”

Even if she finished seven and is Qualified to participate in the last-chance playoffs, apparently, the athlete does not include all this in his plans.

Unfortunately, for CrossFit® fans, there will be less legend to be seen competing in future games.

You already hinted that this would be the last time you would compete in an interview with her Marston Sawers a Buttery Bros director, during the 2022 Wodapalooza.

Now it’s official: You’ll be back as a firefighter.

Sam Briggs career

According to the official CrossFit® dashboard, Sam Briggs first competed in the 2011 World Open and was ranked third ° all over the world.

Two years later, she became the fittest woman on earth, and the only British female athlete to do so to date.

Currently He is 40 years old and could compete in the Masters division for the next 4 years, but chose not to participate.

Speculation about his options to continue competing in a team has been increasing, but everything indicates that he will not pursue that path.

Nationality: United Kingdom

Age: 40 years old

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 135 lbs

CrossFit® Games

year positioning
2021 21 °
2020 25 °
2019 17 °
2018 (Master’s degree 35-39) 2 °
2017 9 °
2016 4 °
2015 4 °
2013 the first

CrossFit® Unlocked

year Division Positioning in the world
2021 Women (35-39) 3 °
2020 Women (35-39) 9 °
2019 Women (35-39) 1 °
2018 Women (35-39) 1 °
2017 Women (35-39) 1 °
2016 Women 2 °
2015 Women 82 °
2014 Women 1 °
2013 Women 1 °
2011 Women 3 °

Another curiosity

In 2021, Briggs has participated in the OUT Foundation’s “OUT IN THE OPEN” initiative. After this experience, he said he wanted to do more “crazy” challenges to raise money for charity.

In addition, there is a possibility that Become a coach for other athletes who want to participate in future CrossFit® competitions after you retire!

As Briggs has left CrossFit® and his career as a competitive athlete, he will continue to be an integral part of the sport, training at CrossFit® two boxes in Manchester, UK.

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