Salvini: “We must look at democracy and the West” and not “regimes that have nothing democratic”

At a press conference during the consultations of Prime Minister-designate Mario Draghi, Liga Secretary Matteo Salvini It was confirmed again His surprisingly new conciliatory attitudes toward the European Union It was announced as a surprise a few days agoWhen negotiations began to enter the next government. Speaking of the positive relationship that the new government will have to maintain with European institutions – which according to Draghi’s newspapers he considers the basis for forming the government – Salvini said:

We must look at democracy, the West and the freedoms of the West without being a supporter of other regimes that do not have anything democratic

Salvini may have been referring to the cordial ties with China that the outgoing government led by Giuseppe Conte established, which the center-right had criticized for months. But it remains a somewhat surprising statement by a political leader known for his respect for authoritarian leaders in Eastern Europe such as Russian President Vladimir Putin or Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, both of whom have been praised multiple times and have met in person in recent years. . Moreover, the League sits in the European Parliament with the far-right parties most critical of the European integration project and the closest to the authoritarian positions of Putin’s Russia.

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Appreciate it towards Putin and Orban, which is what Salvini has repeatedly expressed on Twitter in recent years.

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