Salmonella in this baby product | grave danger

The bacteria that cause salmonella are found in very specific foods imported from Italy from abroad and intended for children. What is it, all the details.

presence of salmonella In animal gelatin attracts the attention of consumers. The case in question concerns important health risks. The usual RASFF, or European Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed Safety, made it known.

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The authority responsible for complying with safety rules and protecting consumer health has published the specifications related to this situation on its website.

salmonella bacteria It is practically a safe guarantee of food withdrawal. This is exactly what happened in the specific situation.

Based on what was announced by the RASFF in the specific correspondence published on the web, we are acquainted with some specifications related to this product.

Salmonella, what is the recalled product

Animal gelatin contaminated with salmonella bacteria Made in Belgium It is imported from Italy. There is talk of serious risks in RASFF communications.

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This is because even one mg of food with potential effects of salmonella automatically generates a food recall, for precautionary purposes.

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Salmonellosis is a special form of food poisoning whose known and most common symptoms are the following physical signs:

  • nausea;
  • vomit
  • Diarrhea;
  • Stomach ache;

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In more serious emergencies, which unfortunately can sometimes occur, hospitalization is also required. For the RASFF, the authority operates always every day and 24 hours a day throughout the European Union, in order to avoid any risky situations at the expense of citizens.

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On the other hand, animal gelatin is a typical ingredient for many Industrial products intended primarily for children. I’m a perfect example Gummy candy.

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