Salmonella alert in sesame seeds

Salmonella strikes again and this time it has been detected in sesame seeds. Here are all the details of the food recall.

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The official website of the Ministry of Health published a new statement call food. Again, the microbiological danger and the bacteria to watch out for again is the salmonella found in sesame seeds marketed by a well-known supermarket. Here are all the details regarding the food recall sheet.

Beware of salmonella in sesame seeds, check if you have this product

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Food Summon Card (Screen Mnistero della Salute)

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The food recall request was posted on the Ministry of Health website on October 10, 2022 and the form was completed on October 6. The product in question relates to i Organic sesame seeds From 250 grams of the brand Fifi Verde Cupmarketed by Coop Italia SC.

The name and identification mark of the plant and the manufacturer are respectively Melandri Gaudenzio Srl, headquartered in Via Boncellino, 120 48012 Bagnacavallo (RA). The batch in which the contamination was found is 139/22 Expires 05/2023. The retrieval is of a precautionary nature due to the microbiological risks, i.e. the presence of salmonella In one of 5 samples of the batch. Among the warnings listed on the card, it is recommended not to consume the product and to return it to the point of sale purchased.

What is salmonella?

Salmonella is a common bacterial disease that affects the intestines. The bacteria Salmonella usually lives in the intestines of animals and humans and is released through feces. Contamination occurs through contaminated water or food. While some people have no symptoms, others may develop diarrhea, fever, and abdominal cramps between 8 and 72 hours after exposure. No special care is needed to treat this infection. However, in some cases, diarrhea can cause severe dehydration and require immediate medical care, and if the infection spreads outside the intestine, very serious complications can occur.

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