Salivary antigen tests are not valid for Green Passage but are suitable for monitoring in schools

Two publications explaining conditions for use of saliva testing, suitable for screening in schools but not suitable for replacing tampons, and recommending vaccination of pregnant women

The same tests actually Not recommended for use as a substitute for tampons Because it does not reach the minimum acceptable levels of sensitivity and specificity. On the other hand, molecular salivary tests are valid for green certification.

Saliva antigen test only in the context of screening Salivary antigen tests remain valid as an alternative to gold/nasopharyngeal swabs in some contexts, such as screening children participating in a school virus spread control plan, or for RSA elderly, disabled and handicapped health workers. However, these tests are not currently recommended, according to the “Update of indications for the use of saliva tests for detection of Cov2 infection” text.

Saliva collection at home In the context of school monitoring, the salivary sample may also be collected “by self-collection at home by parents/guardians, following a preventive training process” for the use of collection devices.

Yes to vaccination during pregnancy. – For pregnant women, the new circular states that “vaccinating against Covid with an mRNA vaccine is recommended in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. With regard to the first trimester, vaccination may be considered after assessing the potential benefits and potential risks with the health care professional of the reference.” The vaccine is also recommended for breastfeeding women without the need to stop breastfeeding.

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