Sales data in Japan after a year and a half, and here is the comparison with PS4 –

Through Famitsu, we have the opportunity to find out How many PS5 units are sold in Japan, calculated as of April 3, 2022. Sony’s home console has managed to pass 1.5 million units, in about a year and a half. PS4, over a similar time period, has posted very similar numbers.

Specifically, according to Famitsu, PS5 It sold a total of 1,528,183 units. Remember that Japanese newspaper numbers are not always exact numbers until the last unit, but the potential error is definitely less than 28,000 units, so we can consider this small milestone achieved.

To give you a point of comparison, you have to know that PS4 – After a similar period of time (i.e. in July 2015, with the PS4 arriving in Japan in February 2014) – it managed to sell about 1,480,000 according to Famitsu data.

PS5 also defends itself in Japan

So the PS5 seems to be keeping a good pace, also considering that this start of the generation has been plagued by production limits. The PlayStation 5’s success obviously doesn’t compare to the Nintendo Switch, but those numbers are still positive for Sony, given the brand’s recent past in Japan.

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