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They are «Swifties», millions of fans spread all over the planet Earth Taylor Swift, the most famous pop star in the world. They are many, loving and fierce. And so Searching for tickets for his concerts became a struggle: unobtainable places, high prices, computer systems at haywire.

On March 17, the world tour “Eras Tour” begins, which will take her to cities on all continents: A lavish tour celebrating his entire career seventeen years after his debutincluding all the albums she has released, from Taylor Swift in the middle of the night. It started in the USA in Glendale (Arizona) and is supposed to end in London on August 17, 2024. Yes, because Taylor will also arrive in Europe, also in Italy, with two stadium dates San Siro in Milanon July 13 and 14, 2024. Ticket sales start a year early: tomorrow July 13, at 12, on Ticketone.

In France, spirits are very restless: the sale of tickets for Taylor Swift’s concerts for Tuesday 11 July 2023 has been suspended. Shortly after the launch of ticket sales for the American singer’s concerts scheduled for May 9, 10, 11 and 12, 2024 at La Défense Arena in Paris, the Ticketmaster platform announced its suspension due to heavy traffic on the site. An hour later, Ticketmaster also announced the disruption of ticket sales for the two concerts in Lyon, scheduled for June 2 and 3, 2024. “The sale of the ‘La Défense Arena’ has been put on hold,” Ticketmaster wrote in a tweet posted at 11.14 a.m., more than three hours after the announcement. Opening of the platform – we will keep you informed of the new sale hours as soon as possible. The situation is particularly hot: despite the first pick in the lottery, Over a million fans found themselves waiting in the virtual waiting room by Ticketmaster hoping to get a seat to see their idol.

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Obviously, it is not the first incident of its kind for the platform that has also had problems with selling concert tickets in the United States. Ticketmaster defended itself by emphasizing shared responsibility for “bot attacks” (Ticketbots are computer programs capable of getting into ticket sales as soon as the opportunity arises and buying as many as possible, overcoming any type of control) that would have greatly slowed down the platform’s operations. while selling tickets. The chaotic situation has once again sparked criticism of the dominance of Ticketmaster, which in 2010 merged with entertainment giant Live Nation. without naming it directly, Taylor Swift slammed the platform in an Instagram postsympathizing with his fans who were having a “nightmare”.

Months ago, there was a major flop for Ticketmaster, the platform that has almost complete control over access to concerts, sporting events and other shows: The platform canceled sales of tickets for Taylor Swift’s tour (the pop star’s first tour in five years), filled with new songs that had not yet been released. The artist sings it live) after fan requests crashed the system. Some fans have skipped work or a day from school to stay in front of the computer and update the Ticketmaster page. Two million tickets were sold in two days, but then the platform fizzled out. After all we are talking about the most famous pop star, often referred to as the new Madonna: in the last two years she has released five albums with related marketing, the last of which, “Midnights” released in October, has sold just over one and a half million copies In the United States, which is a record for the past seven years, while ten songs from “Midnight”, in the first Billboard song, occupied the top ten positions in the songs chart.

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The United Kingdom is witnessing another kind of controversy always associated with the purchase of Taylor’s tickets: pre-sales for concerts in London and Edinburgh have reached astronomical figures, peaking at around 4,000 euros. Fans who were unable to purchase tickets were sold out, magically found a few minutes later, on the Viagogo resale site, at absolutely ridiculous prices. As I mentioned Watchman The original ticket prices, already high in their own right, suffered a further increase due to the raid by the promoters. A screenshot of the site, now deleted, showed an offer of more than €7,500.

So the 33-year-old pop star is already an absolute diva. Great songwriter Billy Joel has said of Taylor Swift that she is like the Beatles of her generation. And Taylor Swift wants to prove that she is the most powerful pop star of her generation. Madonna and Taylor Swift, in a joint duet in March 2015 on stage, in Guyber: Madonna may have already realized the greatness of her young “rival”. And so the “Eras Tour” is eagerly awaited all over the world: 44 songs, three and a quarter hours of concert, with a line-up covering his entire discography, special effects that left fans speechless. The sound of “Shake It” unleashed its firepower, putting up a massive show aimed at officially snatching the scepter of the Queen of Pop, and eliminating all potential competitors.

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