Salary bonus for those who have been vaccinated? A company in Italy expects this

One Salary bonus for those who have been vaccinated. This is one initiative company in Italy Who saw fit to give The pay is good, there is only one In order to motivate me employees Skeptical about getting vaccinated thus giving impetus to recovery.

To give life to this initiative — after news arrived from abroad with New York City giving 85 euros ($100) to citizens who take the first dose — Pergola, in the Pesaro area, was Spa night which has 150 employees.

One Incentive Which arrives exactly on the days when there is talk of having to get a green pass in the company and losing salaries to those who are not vaccinated.

One way to move forward, according to Italian firm Pergola, is to pay employees to be vaccinated with an economic incentive such as a one-time salary bonus. 50 euro In order to ensure the safety of all workers.

A salary bonus of 50 euros for those vaccinated by an Italian company

The bonus in the salaries of those who received the vaccination that Pesarese decided to give to its employees will be 50 euros. Salary, as mentioned in The rest of Carlino Who did the interview? Mattia Priory The general manager of the Noctis Spa production plant in Pergola increased by 50 euros for one time.

“We have invited all our employees and workers to join the vaccination campaign – as the paper reads – to create a one-time contribution of €50 for those who have completed the double-dose course.”

This is an incentive for vaccination at a stage when “even another immunized vaccine becomes important,” the director explained.

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The company also explains to whom do you belong One-time bonus per pay slip always at Resto del Carlino:

“For all who took the second dose, even in the last few weeks, and so on before our decisionAnd for those who will be vaccinated from now on without a deadline.”

For the company, the important thing is to reach 100% coverage of employees who have been vaccinated at the company level. The same thing prompted the mayor of New York to give an incentive to citizens who are vaccinated.

Some companies in Italy are pushing for a mandatory vaccine اللقاح

And while a company in Italy chooses to offer a monetary incentive to pay employees to get vaccinated, there are those who are considering a mandatory vaccination and therefore To force the green lane.

There is heated debate about the obligation to have a green pass in the company, proposed by Confindustria and supported by several companies.

Brunello Cucinelli, a well-known entrepreneur in the field of fashion, decided to introduce compulsory vaccination and the green lane in the company.

His suggestion was widely discussed as to why an employee who refuses a vaccine should be left at home, and then suspended, but with salary; It’s about Paid leave of absence for 6 months.

Then there is a case sterlgarda From Castiglione delle Stiviere, in the Mantua region, which sent a letter to the factory employees subject to criticism. In the letter, the company invites workers to be vaccinated, otherwise they will be assigned a different job to exclude the risk of infection among colleagues.

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In the event that it is impossible to perform the various task, the Suspension without pay. The company has specified that it does not intend to dismiss employees, but that it will only be a temporary suspension and that in any case it will find confirmation in a recent order of the Court of Modena. The path that is not excluded can also be taken by other companies in the future to reduce the risk of infection and protect the health of all workers.

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