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“I’m not slow”. The outburst of the current Inter striker Romelu Lukaku Against the football video game “FIFA” developed by EA Sports, it has gone viral. Even though it’s just a video game, the heroes in the flesh obviously don’t want to be distorted on a hypothetical level, even simply out of pure pride if not just a marketing question.

F1 2021: Official Video Game Trailer – VIDEO

The official F1 game ‘F1 2021’ will be released on July 16, which was also developed by Codemasters, but distributed by EA Sports this year. Regarding ratings for pilots Carlos Sainz It was the jeweler Instagram Comment on the official account post. “Okay, nice joke, now the real reviews are posted”, the stinging words of a Ferrari driver who clearly did not like his careless rank, or at any rate too generous towards the other drivers.

Sainz, in fact, hardly The tenth behind Leclerc by only one point (Who is the Find our in-depth analysis dedicated to the 2021 F1 standings), with Monegasque in ninth place. In front of the Scuderia di Maranello record holders we find in addition to the tandem Hamilton-Verstappen (highest rated at 95), Bottas (92), Norris (91), Gasly-Ricciardo (90) and Alonso-Vettel (89).

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