Saint Patrick’s Day. The color green also dominates in Florida

St. Patrick’s Day is marked in the USA, as well as all over the world where it is celebrated, as it is marked by the massive use of green. The favorite color of the Irish people.

Green clothes and alfalfa are everywhere plus absolutely rivers of Irish beer. Everything is colored green, from the food to the houses. Saint Patrick’s Day commemorates the emergence of Christianity in Ireland during the 5th century AD thanks to Patrick, the bishop of Ireland at the time.

Saint Patrick’s Day In Florida, it does not last a single day and consists of many small events representing the Irish Festival where famous Irish singers and musicians perform. The streets are teeming with joy and the bars are colored green. Entertainment and art performances are held in the squares occupied by handicraft kiosks. The festival also offers plenty of activities for children, such as clowns, face painting, slides and wall climbing. St. Patrick’s Day in Miami also offers many different activities for kids: clowns, face painting, free climbing walls, rides and slides.

March 17th is the day dedicated to Ireland, which, along with its immigrants, made the United States a great country. Saint Patrick’s Day is a Christian feast also included in the liturgical calendar of the Catholic Church and which often occurs during the Easter period.

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