S. Maria di Terni Hospital | Scientific Conference “The medical profession during and after COVID. Current challenges and new opportunities

(UNWEB) Tierney. The scientific conference “The medical profession during and after COVID. Current challenges and new opportunities” took place yesterday at the headquarters of the Degree Course in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Perugia in Terni.

The conference was preceded by institutional greetings by the Director of the Department of Medicine and Surgery, Prof. Vincenzo Nicola Talisa, and the Director of the Scientific-Pedagogical Pole Prof. Stefano Brancorsini at the University of Perugia, by Dr. Pasquale Chiarelli, Director General of the Hospital “Santa Maria” in Terni, and Dr. Giuseppe Donzelli, President of the Union of Surgeons and Physicians Dental in the Terni region.

The event, which enrolls more than 70 general practitioners, medical specialists and physicians in training, developed issues related to the management and treatment of factors that still appear to be major determinants of cardiovascular disease, such as arterial hypertension and dyslipidemia. . Special attention has also been given to metabolic health and risk of osteoporosis and fractures.

Professor Elisa Moretti, Director of the MSc Health Operations Management, Dr. Pasquale Chiarelli, Professors. Gaetano Fodo and Giacomo Pucci of the Complex Structure of Internal Medicine, organizers of the conference, Dr. Paolo Bonanno and Giacomo Giovannilli, advisors of the Order of Medical Surgeons, as representatives of regional medicine.

During the works, there were many interventions from the public, demonstrating the importance of the topic being treated and the need for the management of the patient with chronic degenerative diseases to be individualized according to the levels of complexity in the course in which the hospital and regional activity is in an integrated manner.

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02 moments of the conference

03 round table

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