“Ryder Cup in Rome Show. And Malago..”

Rome“The Ryder Cup Part 2023 Rome would be a spectacle superior to what we saw in Wisconsin.” These are the words Franco Chimenti On the microphones of “politics in a balloon” in the Greek parliament. “Making the post-Covid Ryder Cup in the United States, with only American spectators in attendance, seemed absurd given the absence of Continental fans. Since 1979 it has beenEurope He had never suffered such a humiliating defeatHead commented Italian Golf AssociationAbout the tournament in which Europe lost 19-9 to the United States.

Chimenti’s wish is addressed to Malagò

“It was not a testament to a united Europe, starting with the call-ups and the composition of the team, with a lot of British dominance. I think the rules should change and allow the captain to give the best and not adapt to the qualification criteria and it is also and above all based on past results – Follow number one in the union – For Rome, let us expect a unique show, at very high levels, otherwise everything that Italian sport did in this period would go against the wonderful Olympic and Paralympic games. The hope is that there will be Italian golfers on the court, and we are working hard to help provide Europe with the champions it deserves.”. and talking about Olympic Games, Chimenti, former vice president of cones, praise Giovanni Malaggi Launch an important install. “It was his victory and I expect him to lead the IOC for him in the future. At that time I was hoping he would become the chief of my universe and so it was, who knows if this prophecy would also come true. In my opinion, it is very appropriate to take on a role of this kind.”.

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