Ryan Lochte confirms his willingness to continue swimming “I’m not retiring”

12-time Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte She reaffirmed her plans for the future. Lochte will continue to swim and compete even if he fails to make it to the US Olympic team.

NBC interviewed Lochte right after the 200m mixed in the trials. On that occasion, Lochte stated that he still had many things to do in the world of swimming.

Now he has confirmed his projects in a video posted on Instagram, which you can find at the bottom of the article.

“I’m not finished, I’m not retiring.”

with these words Ryan Lochte Confirm the desire to continue swimming.

“There’s a lot I want to do in the sport of swimming, whether it’s in the pool or outside, in an effort to grow the sport.”

Lochte thanks the long list of people who have supported him throughout his career. These include his family and longtime coach Greg Troy.

He also talks about a bigger role he wants to play in the swimming world.

“I want to make the sport grow.” “I want to put swimming in people’s living rooms all the time.”

Lochte remains one of the most famous swimmers on the planet, even at the age of 36. Over the years, he’s made a frequent presence in entertainment media outside of sports – at one point, he even aired his own eponymous reality show what will Ryan Lochte DoAnd, apparently, the celebrity reality show Big Brother e Dancing With the Stars.

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