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GameStop, the struggling video game retailer, has made a significant appointment that has sparked hopes for a turnaround. The company has announced that Chewy founder, Ryan Cohen, will be taking on the role of president and CEO. This news comes after GameStop has experienced financial difficulties, with its stock plunging 38% in the past year and undergoing multiple rounds of layoffs in 2022.

In an email obtained by gaming news outlet Kotaku, Cohen expressed his intentions to enact major changes at the company. He emphasized the need for extreme frugality and the elimination of all waste in order to operate efficiently and profitably. This signifies a shift in strategy for GameStop, as it grapples with challenges from digitally sold games and competition from online retailers like Amazon.

Cohen’s involvement with GameStop has drawn attention due to his previous success with Chewy, an online pet supplies retailer. Many are hopeful that his expertise in turning around struggling businesses will prove fruitful for GameStop. However, Cohen’s plans for the company remain unclear, as he has not publicly disclosed his specific strategies.

GameStop reported its first profitable quarter in two years in March, which was seen as a positive sign. However, the company continues to be deeply in debt, indicating that further efforts are needed to ensure its long-term stability. GameStop has sought to diversify its business, exploring opportunities in the realm of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Nonetheless, the company has primarily focused on other aspects, such as sales of physical collectibles.

The appointment of Ryan Cohen as GameStop’s president and CEO marks a notable moment in the company’s history. The move has generated optimism among investors and industry experts who are eagerly awaiting Cohen’s strategic approach to turn the struggling retailer around. As GameStop faces significant challenges in the ever-evolving gaming industry, it remains to be seen how Cohen’s leadership will impact its future.

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