Rwandan Genocide: Rusesabagina’s Release and Handover to the United States via Qatar

Paul Rusesabaginathe Rwandan businessman known for saving hundreds of people from the 1994 genocide and was sentenced by Kigali to serve 25 years in prison for “terrorismHe will soon be sent first to Qatar, and then to the United States. A spokesman for the Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs told Al-Jazeera, Majid Al-Ansariindicating that Rusesabagina has the right of permanent residence in the United States.

Government spokeswoman Yolande Makulu confirmed to Al-Jazeera that his release took place yesterday evening and was a possibility after the Rwandan president. Paul Kagame He agreed to reduce his sentence at the inmate’s own request. After his release, Rusesabagina was transferred to the office of the Qatari ambassador in Kigali, where he will be handed over to the Middle Eastern country. Confirming the release, McCullough said, however, that “there should be no illusions about what that means, as there is a consensus that serious crimes have been committed, and that they have been found guilty.” , the dilution “does not finish the main sentence”.

On the release of Rusesabagina, a staunch critic of President Kagame best known for the movie “Hotel Rwanda” that tells his story, the 68-year-old Rusesabagina also voiced US Secretary of State. Anthony BlinkenWelcome to the news. “It is a great relief to know that Paul has reunited with his family, and the US government is grateful to the Rwandan government for making this reunion possible,” Blinken said.

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