“Rutte IV has fallen”. what is going on

Rome, July 7, 2023 – Political earthquake in Dutchmanstruggling in these hours with a government crisis which seems difficult to reverse. Local media reported that “Rota 4 fell”. The coalition is headed by the Prime Minister himself Mark Rutte A conservative drag, he would jump in at the time to agree to some immigration and asylum measures.

The coalition that disrupted the executive branch was formed before People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD), The Prime Minister himself is a member of it, by the D66 Liberals, by the Christian Democrats of the Christian Democratic Appeal (Cda) and by the Calvinists of the Christian Union (CU).

The crisis reaches Heaven is not calm at all. Asylum talks have dragged on for months, tearing most apart. The way is now being cleared for new elections, perhaps in the fall. October is the month when the Netherlands must return to the polls. Rota became prime minister in October 2010, so he fell after nearly 13 years in government.

Because rota fell

The main points that divided the axis of government related to Asylum procedures and immigration law. Topics that majority parties have been at an astronomical distance for a long time. In recent days, the issue has exploded: in particular between the VVD and the CU, it has sparked clashes over measures to limit family reunification. On the one hand, the two parties, the VVD and the CDA, are on hardline positions, and on the other hand, for the softer line, the liberals and Calvinists. differences that ultimately proved irreconcilable.

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Today it was clear to most people that the situation was about to explode. MPs from the smallest coalition party had already met at breakfast time before the coalition meeting, after further talks with CU ministers. Attempts to bring the two parties closer have varied in recent days. The latest plan discussed Friday included a so-called on and off button for family reunification. If the migrant flow is too high, this button can be deactivated. A compromise on which no consensus has been reached. Likewise for previous plans.

Yesterday, for example, the VVD and the CDA themselves proposed drafting an initiative law to introduce a two-state system to grant different rights to immigrants. But D66 and CU were adamant. Rutte’s display of strength on Wednesday put a slew of orders on the table, adding to morale. But the prime minister himself, the next day, gave the coalition parties another 24 hours to examine the final proposal on which an agreement could be reached. But the agreement did not come.

Rota and Meloni and Harmony on Migration

Mark Rutte has always shown himself to be a good ally Giorgia Meloni on the European chessboard In his first year as Prime Minister. Meloni has been particularly in tune with the Dutch prime minister specifically on the immigration policies to be adopted in the EU. She and Ruti were on a mission to Tunisia recently with the President of the European Union Commission, Ursula von der Leyen. The aim was to strike a memorandum of understanding with the North African country that ranged from economics to immigration. Not an easy match that can now become more complicated.

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