Russian tennis players, is it possible to exclude them from the Italian International?

“As the president of the National Football Association and a member of the International Olympic Committee, I deal with sports politics, not politics. In Italy, I repeat, I represent the International Olympic Committee. The Executive Council recommended that all federations not invite Russian and Belarusian athletes to tournaments and sporting events. Wimbledon, which is a private club, followed this indication.” Giovanni Malaggiinterview by Corriere della Seratakes a stand in the diatribe on the participation and exclusion of Russian and Belarusian tennis players from competitions starting from a new state, a state International from Italy.

Wimbledon decided not to welcome them, but the players of these countries took part in tournaments in the United States, in Spain, in Serbia because the ATP, the international federation that leads professional tennis, delegated their participation because they are self-employed, and not representatives of their national team. Federtines are of the same opinion as for Rome.

Malago explains a different situation, that of those who decide to follow the instructions of the International Olympic Committee. “All the most important international federations accepted and followed the recommendations that it. The tennis world was only amazed at Wimbledon’s commitment to the dictates of the international Olympic world. It is up to the government to decide. He will study the case, evaluate the situation, and then choose, I am convinced that it is the best for the country.”

Overlap with Inter Milan A Rome The competencies of Fit, the Tennis Federation, which adheres to Coni and Cio, and ATP and WTA are professional federations outside of Olympic committees. Roman Masters 1000 is an ATP tournament.

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Rublev The Russian tennis player who is among the top 10 players in the world made a proposal for him and his colleagues to participate in Wimbledon, which could also apply to Rome. I could understand if the exclusion of Russian and Belarusian players had some effect, but it wouldn’t help and wouldn’t change anything. What we proposed at Wimbledon is to at least leave us the possibility to choose whether or not to play. If there was a statement to sign that would force us to do so Donate all prize money to humanitarian aid, For families and children who are suffering, we sign it. I think such a move would at least really do something and show that the British government really is on the side of peace and wants to help. The total prize money donated can be up to £1 million. Tennis will be the first and only sport to make such a donation.

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