Russian gas in rubles and Moscow continues to warn the European Union: “a possible halt in supplies only by the end of April”

The Kremlin confirms its intention to impose payments in rubles for gas supplied to European countries, considering this “the most reliable option for Russia, but it may be canceled in the future.” The Russian government made this clear in a note re-launched by TASS, which was followed by an assurance from Dmitry Peskov that supplies would not be interrupted today, although decree signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin Which set March 31 as the last day on which countries receiving Russian gas would comply. Putin’s spokesman said: “The situation is as follows – yesterday many asked me whether the lack of confirmation in rubles means that gas supplies will stop from April 1. no not like that. And the decree that was signed and published yesterday does not prove that. Payment for current supplies is not made today, but is made at the end of the second half of the month, in April or even at the beginning of May.”

at Interview Two days ago with the Italian Prime Minister Mario DraghiThe Russian President had assured that the contracts in progress would remain in force, and therefore without changes as required by his decree. However, the last tear occurred in Moscow yesterday, March 31, which planned to impose payment in rubles for gas only to those countries considered hostile. This morning, April 1, an alarm was sounded on the Yamal-Europe pipeline that transports Russian gas through Ukraine to Germany, after the flow decreased, giving the impression that the supply was about to be interrupted. This scenario was rejected an hour later by the network operator Gascade, who spoke instead of reversing the flow of gas to Poland, as had already happened in the past for purely technical reasons.

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