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Russian ambassador to the United States: “Washington’s new sanctions against Moscow are meaningless”

US sanctions imposed on Friday Russia They are “nonsensical” and will not push Moscow to abandon its independent policy. The Russian ambassador to the United States said, Anatoly Antonov Commenting on Washington’s restrictions. On February 24, the world witnessed another round of absurd economic and personal sanctions against Russia and its citizens. Again they want us to “suffer”. Does anyone really believe that such actions will make our country abandon its independent path, deviate from its chosen path towards a multipolar world based on the indivisible principle of security, international law and the UN Charter? ” said Antonov, who was quoted by the news agency “TASS”.

According to the diplomat, the Washington administration failed to understand that “new supplies of weapons” to Ukraine, “like all previous supplies, only prolong the conflict, leading to constant bloodshed and in no way conducive to bringing peace closer.” Antonov added that the Russian army “continues to make significant progress in completing the tasks assigned to it to defend the homeland” and is “supported by the whole country.”

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