Russia wants to sell the Su-57 fighters to Turkey. From NATO to the Mediterranean, to Libya: How the Scenario Changes

Russia H Turkey Are ready for a new deal to sell Armament, After the disputed purchase of the S-400 missile system that outraged United State. Moscow In fact, he intends to negotiate with him Ankara Supplying Su-57 fighter Fifth and fourth generation, as well as working together for Modern fighter development Combat aircraft that, in essence, replace F-35 Not sold by United States of America a Erdogan About the NATO crisis that exploded after the previous agreement between Moscow and the country on the Bosphorus. This was stated by the Federal Service for Military and Technical Cooperation of the Russian Federation.

The first result relates to Euro-Mediterranean scenarios, Mainly in the foreground Then H Libya. And so another one comes true Destabilize the Atlantic allianceEven after the Biden administration got started. The file relating to the Russian S-400 missile system The main factor was friction with Washington. At the time I was born European Union Also try to collaborate on a caseImmigration, Because Turkey always has a card 3.5 million Syrian refugees On its territory, in the words of the Secretary-General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Jens Stoltenberg In the European Parliament, they traced a new strategic line specifically towards the Erdogan government: “We all know they exist Serious differences In some cases, From Middle Eastern To the Turkish decision to purchase the Russian S-400, or in relation to Democratic rights In Turkey. ”As if we were saying that there is also a change in the rhetoric of the leaders of the coalition compared to what it was six months ago. Certainly, Soltenberg added that he created the so-called Deterrence mechanism between Greece and Turkey (“We see now that we helped pave the way for exploratory talks between Greece and Turkey”), but that table was more than anything else, son. Wanted from Berlin.

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NATO has always had two visions: one indicates, Quite simply and, To keep Erdoan entrenched within the so-called “Western Cone”, with all the following, such as the agreement with the European Union on immigrants that Berlin pays for its renewal and Energy claims in the Aegean. Another shows concern about the unscrupulous Turkish position in Libya, in The Balkans And in Syria.

the right of Libya Turkey is indeed strong, thanks to a carefully planned and meticulously executed surgical operation in the past 24 months, however, it is seen on the opposite front in relation to Russia, which is associated with the faction headed by the general. Khalifa Haftar. Having men associated with Erdogan is also strong thanks to the use of the Bayraktar drone Used after the maritime agreement signed between Turkey and the previous government with the support of United nations Which is based in Tripoli: Appointing the new Prime Minister, Abdul Hamid DabaibaHe gave the green light to agree on a Parliament vote.

is being energy But the main goal for Ankara is to prepare for that Logistics services, You check about registered trains Belt and Road From China. If the United States is diversifying its energy into Europe, then with Gnl Upon their arrival in Greece, the Chinese are diversifying their means of transportation and the Turks want to be an active part of this change.

Therefore, in light of this scenario, it is likely to assume that the new Russian fishing order for Turkey will be able to exacerbate the critical problems arising from Erdogan’s policies, given that Moscow is already making a significant contribution to Nuclear soundWith the construction of the first power station on Turkish soil AkuyuIn the south of the country. The United States did not like him.

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For the past few days, I’ve been rehearsing with Aircraft carrier Americana Dwight D. Eisenhower, Participated in a joint training work for the means and units of Greece and the United States of America, with the participation of two Greek submarines, an anti-Somme aircraft and combat aircraft as soon as they entered the Mare Nostrum. Russian submarines. Plus the United States insisted on pushing Greece to buy two American frigates Not only is it a single decade in and of itself, but it touches on the delicate issue of air and sea interoperability for NATO as well. A critical juncture precisely regarding the future of the Charter and the Libyan front, awaits it with the much-desired institutional normalization.

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