Russia, sailors rescue a Samoan puppy that has been wandering in the ice for a week –

A Samoyed cub, has been cruising on the ice in the middle of the Arctic Ocean for several days. An animated rescue by the crew of a Russian icebreaker ship: Aika, a Samoyed puppy, has disappeared for several days from a village on the Arctic coast. They found her wandering on the ice about a week later.

The fear was that the dog might have ended up in the water, due to the ice melting as temperatures rose, and instead the sailors of an icebreaker ship found her on some ice sheet and immediately began calling her until the puppy slowly approached the ship went up the steps and was immediately greeted by the sailors with joy . Therefore, they brought her back to Earth and her masters were finally able to hug Aika again. They later explained that the dog had been kept for about a week in the ice and had been incredibly surviving.

The owners said that as soon as she returned home, she slept one day to rest from her spoiled adventure: but now she did not dare to leave the house, said the captain of the icebreaker Alexander Sannikov.

Jun 10 2021 (change on Jun 10, 2021 | 11:00)

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