Russia said it fired warning shots at a British military ship in Crimea. The UK said that’s not true

Russian Ministry of Defense He said Warning shots were fired this morning at the British Royal Navy destroyer HMS Defender of the British Navy after it breached the Russian maritime borders in the Black Sea, and the British Ministry of Defense denied that this happened.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry at 11.52am, HMS Defender entered the territorial waters south of Crimea, militarily invaded and then annexed it to Russia in 2014 with a referendum that was fiercely contested by Ukraine and the international community. According to the ministry, a Russian patrol ship twice fired warning shots at the British ship, after which an aircraft dropped some bombs along the HMS Defender route. HMS Defender will depart at 12.23 p.m., the department said.

The British Ministry of Defense has denied firing warning shots at the HMS Defender, let alone an aerial bombardment in its path. The ministry’s press office wrote on Twitter, “The Royal Navy ship is making an innocent transit through Ukrainian territorial waters in accordance with international law,” and added that it believed that the Russians “were carrying out artillery fire in the Black Sea and provided the maritime community with advance notice of their activity.”

Earlier this week, HMS Defender arrived in the port of Odessa, Ukraine, and on board the ship Signed Agreement between the British and Ukrainian governments for the joint construction of warships and two naval bases.

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