Russia is ready to disconnect from the global Internet: “Get ready to do it in 4 days.” But Moscow denies this

Russia is preparing a plan for Log out From world wide web the next day March 11. to say it Next TV, Belarusian Independent Media, which publishes two documents of the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Media. These rumors were also confirmed by expert sources in cybersecurity, as explained byAdnkronos: Moscow has begun preparations for resettlement within 4 days All the Sendlinks to server and management inner fields On a parallel network, the national intranet’rokumHowever, the Russian Ministry of Digital Security denies this, announcing to the agency tax They do not plan to separate Russia from the global Internet. “There is continuous cafe attack To Russian sites from abroad. We prepare for different scenarios. No plans to disconnect the internet from the insideMinistry said.

Technically, according to previously published documents Next TVThe ministry asked the Russian authorities to “verify the arrival of personal accounts from my manager fields From public sites on the Internet, update and (or) establish a policy The passwordwith ‘add factors Authentication For users”, offset the broadcast to DNS server Located on the territory of the Russian Federation, deletion from HTML pages All the javascript codes Downloaded from foreign sources. Also if sites use a file foreign hostingpublic resources must be diverted towards a Russian hosting You will then be asked to move all active websites on this intranet to a file domain “.ru”.

According to experts, Moscow has been preparing for some time for the possibility – so far unheard of in the world – to break off from the global Internet, since the first Official exams Successfully performed between June and July 2021. But some time ago, many systems were living with it impatience Global web management in the handsany person, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, an independent organization that controls domains and addresses. But immediately after the outbreak of hostilities, the government Kyiv. Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Mikhailo Fedorov He actually asked Moscow to shut down the web to prevent the spread of fake news and hate messages.

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