“Russia is planning a raid in Ukraine.” Biden: I will not accept Putin’s red line

The Kremlin is planning a multi-front offensive in Ukraine early next year using 100 tactical battalions with an estimated 175,000 soldiers, along with armored vehicles, artillery and other equipment. The Washington Post wrote, citing US executives and unclassified US intelligence documents, including satellite images. The documents show the build-up of Russian forces in four locations along the Ukrainian border and the current presence of 50 tactical battalions.

Biden: I will not accept Putin’s red line

“I will not accept Red line Who: So Joe Biden responded to reporters who asked him if he would accept Vladimir Putin’s report on Ukraine, against Kiev’s eventual entry into NATO. “We have known Russia’s actions for a long time and I expect we will discuss at length,” the US president added, referring to the virtual summit with his Russian counterpart scheduled for December 7.

Moscow plans

“Russian plans anticipate a military offensive against Ukraine in early 2022 with a scale of forces twice what we saw last spring during Russian rapid-fire exercises near the Ukrainian border,” a senior Washington Post executive said. He added that “the plans include expanded movements of 100 tactical battalions, with an estimated number of 175,000 soldiers, in addition to armored vehicles, artillery and other equipment.”

The United States estimates that Moscow currently has 70,000 troops near the Ukrainian border, compared to about 94,000 soldiers reported by Kiev. The warning from American 007 comes on the eve of the upcoming virtual summit between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin. White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said the United States could impose economic sanctions and use other tools against Russia if Moscow invaded Ukraine.

high voltage

After the face-to-face confrontation in Stockholm on December 2 between Russian Foreign Minister Serge Lavrov and his American counterpart Anthony Blinken, the US Secretary of State reiterated Washington’s firm position: if Moscow “attacked” Kiev, he said, the consequences would be “grave”. “.

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