Russia and Putin torpedo the leaders of the naval fleet: great losses

Another change in the military leadership was decided by Vladimir Putin. In fact, Russia has appointed new commanders for its Baltic and Pacific fleets. “Deputy Chief of the General Staff, Vice Admiral Vladimir Vorobyov, has been appointed commander of the Baltic Fleet. “The relevant documents have been signed,” the Russian news agency Interfax said, citing military sources. The former head of the Baltic Fleet, Admiral Viktor Linna, was instead put in charge of the Pacific Fleet. The replacement of the former head of the Pacific Fleet, Sergey Avakyants, was already announced last Thursday: Avakyants, 65, was officially dismissed because he had reached the retirement age, however, independent media emphasized that the dismissal would lead to the significant losses that the fleet allegedly under command Avakyants suffered in Ukraine. Avakyants has led Starfleet since 2012 and has been redirected to lead a new organization for military training and patriotism education.

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