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Running, goodbye to satellites from 2023

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Sky UK has told its commercial suppliers to stop installing “new” satellite dishes and antennas on customers’ homes by the end of 2023, which is widely included in a new growth plan that moves from live broadcast adoption to IPTV Based on a broadband connection based on the Internet. It is no coincidence that Sky is rapidly moving in several directions: from optical fiber (Sky Fiber) to televisions included in the contract (Sky Glass) until the gradual abandonment of satellite broadcasting. This is already happening with subscriptions to Now.

For now, most UK Sky TV services are still delivered via digital satellite services, but things are changing with the last year by taking advantage of broadband-based Sky Glass, which made streaming of TVs possible. TV channels and content on your broadband internet service provider connection throughout Great Britain.

By some estimates, the vast majority of homes in the UK (around 97%) are within easy reach of a ‘super-fast broadband’ connection (30Mbps+), while gigabit broadband should reach around 80% of homes. . by the end of 2025. Suffice it to say that such coverage, when combined with Sky’s new Internet-based television distribution products, should rapidly reduce the need for satellite dishes.

According to an article featured in Advanced TVSky has already informed suppliers of the plan to finish installing new satellite dishes in homes by the end of 2023. This move should have no impact on customers who have already installed the dish, given that satellite distribution and hardware support for these users is expected to last for a few years (recently renewed their agreement with the satellite company SES Astra). We are always referring to the specific situation of the UK, which has nonetheless become an important history of how Sky has also moved in other countries. As in Italy, which, as mentioned, can rely on Sky in terms of fiber, television and live broadcasting.

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