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British’s Got Talent hit our screens as the UK’s top talent show in 2006 and hosts Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly have hosted the show since its first episode.

The dynamic duo are well known for their fast beats and sophisticated rhythms, but also for their supportive suspension and shoulders to cry on when things don’t go the way their competitors would like.

No matter how the jury has changed over the years, the pair have remained a vital part of the show’s lineup since season one and the ITV classic wouldn’t have been the same without them.

However, despite their relaxed demeanor and rude attitudes, they don’t always start off on the right foot with every celebrity they meet.

Read on for a look at Ant and Dec’s biggest celebrity feuds over the years.

Pierre Morgan

Looks like Pierce has something against Jordi’s boys

The pair have been in a long-running feud with controversial journalist Piers Morgan for many years, who had a lot to say when they won 20th straight presenter at the 2021 National Television Awards.

He criticized the duo and said, “I deserve to win because everyone is sick and tired because Ant and Dec automatically win this award, which has nothing to do with reality. They didn’t do anything special in the last year, they’d even admit it.”

Pierce called them “The Absurd Little Gorillas” and criticized Ant’s victory when he “hadn’t worked,” which he called “ridiculous.”

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Their feud was recently re-ignited with the couple’s BAFTA win, taking home the award for Best Entertainment on their Saturday Night Takeaway and leaving Piers Morgan furious once again.

They joked that they were “doing something right” when they found out the 57-year-old was not happy with their success and Ant said it was “cool” because he was upset.

Joe Swash

Joe won the series in 2008

Joe won the series in 2008

Many fans have convinced Ant and ex I’m a celebrity…get me out of here! Contestant Joe Swash has been eating beef for some time after they exchanged the occasional lukewarm comment, but according to the pair, that’s not the case.

On the show’s spin-off series Extra Camp in 2017, the presenters sat down with Swash and Des brought up the awkward topic for some clarification.

He said he’d read online that there was “beef” in between and asked if it was “real,” to which Joe sarcastically replied, “No, I just think there’s a fine line between not liking someone and finding them super excited.”

Ants then joked that he was “sexually attracted” to the former EastEnders actor and got up to hug his friend.

However, when Joe went to kiss him, the pair started making a mock argument where Ant tells him he went “too far” and “spoiled the moment” before pushing him back on the couch.

Joe then yelled at Ant to “just kiss him” because he “embarrassed him in front of the nation,” but the whole charade seemed to be in a good mood.

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Pietro Andre

Peter was also on the show in 2004

Peter was also on the show in 2004

Mystery girl singer Peter Andre lived under the boys’ rule and talked about how the hooligans dealt with him.

Andre claimed they were “rivaling each other” and throwing parties in his west London apartment that made them “knock on the ceiling”.

He said, “My apartment was right about BJ and Duncan. Late at night they banged brooms on the ceiling because I was partying all the time. That was before they were you and December, before they were TV gods and they just did, so let’s get ready to talk.”

Peter said that “life has changed” because “years later” he saw the duo heading to an after party “where they came home because they were gone.”

Kelly Brook

The double verb explained their views on the form

The double verb explained their views on the form

Kelly had blamed Ant and Dec for affecting her career after she commented on her short-lived gig as a judge on Britain’s Got Talent.

After posing for six days on the show, the pair said they were “wrong from the start,” making Kelly think they were two faces.

However, McPartlin and Donnelly were spotted at the Steam and Rye cocktail bar, which Kelly opened with his business partner Nick House.

The presenters of I’m A Celeb spent a celebratory evening in a 1940s themed venue and tweeted during the event.

They posted a picture of the chocolate pudding they ordered and said it “sounds very similar to Christmas” so the controversies have allegedly been dealt with.

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