Runaway camel kills two men in US zoo

The police received a phone call in the late afternoon: the fleeing animal was roaming near the farm and attacking people. Local news website WPSD reported on Friday that officers arrived at the scene and found “two men unconscious on the ground.” The animal was still wandering at the time and was still behaving aggressively.

Several units immediately intervened to ensure that the pedestrians were taken to a safe place. An aggressive camel was still next to him: the animal attacked a police car and approached the agents, who then tried to help the victims.

When the situation got out of hand, it was immediately decided to shoot the animal.


According to a police statement, the two victims are Bobby Matheny, 42, and Tommy Jane, 47. The two men died instantly of their injuries.

Problems have been reported by authorities in the past. Animal welfare and regulations are said to have left something to be desired, according to WPSD and other foreign media: The animals had limited access to water, and zoo visitors could pet the animals without supervision.

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