Rumor: First leaks of Pokemon Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl, new content confirmed?

After two weeksExit from Pokemon Shining Diamond and Shining PearlA new edition of Sinoh seems to be the first Leaking It was shared online. Thus, some title content may have leaked thanks to pre-shipped copies, which show what the games are like Nintendo Switch, in addition to the boxes containing the cartridges and, depending on the rumors, some big news that can be greatly appreciated by fans.

Twitter page PkmLegenArceus We’ve shared some photos depicting the Pokémon Shining Diamond, in what might not even be considered a real leak. The cover used for the game has been known for some time, but in some footage it is also possible to see scenes from Play, as well as the Nintendo Switch lock screen that shows what the title looks like when the console is on standby.

The real Pokémon Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl leak is all about what might happen on the server discord Spread. Also mentioned sidonia On her page, it looks like someone is sharing photos and videos, most likely from actual copies of games previously submitted. For this, in the coming days, more information can arrive, as well as pirated versions of new ones, unfortunately. user on reddit declared ownership of the securities, anonsshdw2022WQLFAnd I posted a picture and a video showing it Bidoof NS Tortoise.

The user confirmed the presence of content such as distorted world and the Battle Park Featured in new releases, as well as a teaser regarding Pokemon Legends: Arceus. However, other users in these posts have still pointed out how this has, in the past, been sharing leaks about the game. Fate 2Turns out it was fake. The veracity of the words of anonsshdw2022WQLF can therefore be called into question.

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