Rules to follow in Italy and abroad

Is it possible to travel without a vaccine? Let’s find out the rules that non-vaccinators must follow to move in Italy and abroad.

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green lane Green Certification Guidelines I’ve been under a magnifying glass for several days. It has been explained what green pass holders can do, What can those who do not have the degree do But how do non-vaccinators behave when traveling within Italy or abroad? It’s a more than legitimate question in the period of vacations and trips planned for some time Breathe new air After intense months of lockdown and restrictions due to the pandemic.

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Who is without the vaccine and where does he go on vacation?

Some countries outside Italy have decided that only tourists are allowed to enter For those who got vaccinatedFor those who have recovered from Covid for less than six months or for those who have had a negative swab in the last 48 hours of arrival. Thus, even unvaccinated people can go on vacation but they have to accept restrictions is expected.

On the other hand, other countries did not adopt a hard line and allow anyone – whether vaccinated or not – to enter the territory provided that he came from a country Not considered at risk. Instead, they can impose a quarantine to allow them to roam freely around the country.

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The rules in Italy

Therefore, each country sets the rules that must be respected to reach it as a tourist (or for work). In Italy, at the moment, all regions are white and therefore Movements are allowed Even without the green lane. We emphasize “for the time being” for two reasons. The first is that from the first of September The green certificate commitment will also be extended For trains and long-distance buses and planes. The second reason is that due to the delta variant and new infections, some areas can change color and thus limit travel to those without vaccinations.

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Directives of foreign countries

As for foreign countries, we find among the countries of the soft line Spain and Belgium. There are no special restrictions for those coming from countries considered non-risk and wishing to enter these two countries while going to Bulgaria, it will only be necessary to respect the quarantine. Other European countries, on the other hand, are stricter and They demand the green lane.

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