Rugby – Women’s World Cup, Italy beat America 22-10

The blues start with success: they suffer and then also win the offensive bonus point. Next Sunday is Canada

Well, very good, the first New Zealand World Cup for Italy, who struggled in the first 25 minutes, then moved to the US and won 22-10, also conquering the offensive bonus point. In the presence of a physically stronger formation, the blues found the appropriate countermeasures by putting the game on their brand: a game based on attacking and looking for spaces, a fierce and effective defense on the line of supremacy, also thanks to the work of Tonsi and Sgorbini, the latter entered cold after only two minutes and the owner of a great game . After a painful first half, but still in the lead with a score of 7-5, with a goal by Ostuni Menuzi, in the second half, Italy dominated the match and concluded it thanks to Mutsu’s double and Magati’s last recording.

first half

The match starts in the worst way. The knee betrays Arrighetti in an intervention on Kelter, and the third line is forced to break out in tears after just two minutes of play, in place of Sgorbini. In the next game, the Americans immediately take over: Waters quickly beat the free kick earned from the set, and Taofu found the winning goal for the United States, 5-0, with Cantorna missing the turn. The blues are based on the specialty of the house: playing with the ball in the hand and desperately searching for spaces, but we have to deal with the American fury at the meeting point, which breaks the rhythm of the game and above all leads to many scratches. Italy, on the other hand, focuses on the line, smearing Joanna Kitlinski’s throws multiple times. In the first 25 minutes, Italy never leaves their half: they play the game of suffering, especially on the front line, and when they have the opportunity, they start again with painful explosions.

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In the second half of the first half, the blue catches the ball, and the trocar moves it from side to side in an attempt to open a hole in a good American defense: this is what happens two minutes after the break. , with a Sideboard that with a great change of pace serves up Sgorbini, who clears the way and recycles a tricky ball for Bitoni. The oval reverts back to the blue number 10, which opens up well for an Austenian Minozzi who, in turn, crushes the flag for a tie. The next turn is practically from the foul side streak, but Cellari takes an excellent kick and puts Italy 7-5 ahead.


The inertia of the regulated scrum system changes, as the US can no longer make much sound, and in the ballpark, blue accelerations are constantly putting the US defense in difficulty. In the 45th minute, Sarah Tonisi resists a double interference and reaches 5 meters from the goal line, Rigoni finds the time to expand on Muzzo, overcoming a potential interference by Kelter. Only the blue winger has to hit the ball with a goal of 12-5. Italy appears to be in control, but at 56′ Ostuni Menozzi gets a yellow card for a volunteer striker, leaves her teammates at 14 for 10 minutes and the US seizes the opportunity to fall back: the players-led attack. The greatest offensive effect, first Haungatau, then Maryas who scored a 12-10 goal. The draw will not come because Cantorna missed an incredibly easy kick.

Italy fly

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But in the toughest moments, Blue pulls off the play that shuts down the game. Giada Franco cuts the American defense in two, becomes lopsided and leaves an open lawn on the left side. Rigoni once again finds the perfect pass for Muzzo who jumps on players like pins and signs his personal double. Sillari hits the post in the next turn and the score remains 17-10. The numbers are back to par, and in 70′ Italy permanently closed out matches with an added goal: Madea’s inner cross for the Magatti, his entry is a shot into the belly of a defense that is increasingly struggling to read the Italian’s fast pace. . The Cus Milano winger goes to the extreme, setting an offensive bonus target of 22-10. It ends like this, with the blue getting 5 points and placing the first important mortgage when the turn passes. Next Sunday, again at 1.45 am in Italy, against Canada, in the toughest challenge in the first stage.

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