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Rugby 7, Toulouse 2023 World Championships: Men’s and Women’s Quarter-finals

just finished Toulouse, France, The second day of men and women stage from 2022-2023 World Rugby Sevens Championshipwhich will end this season Four places in the 2024 Paris Olympics both to men from women. I disputed quarter-finals from both tables And first matches are valid for i reserve positions.

Rugby 7 Challenge Series 2023: Italy 7th in Stellenbosch

Men’s match results and schedule

Australia 7s 10-12 Canada 7s
New Zealand 7s 35-0 Ireland 7s
7s Argentina 21-12 South Africa 7s
France 7s 17-12 Great Britain 7s

Quarter-finals ninth place
Samoa 7s 17-10 Kenya 7s
Uruguay 7th 17-5 Japan 7th
Spain 7s 42 – 14 USA 7s
7 Fiji 28-5 Germany 7 sec

Canada 7s – Argentina 7s
New Zealand 7s-France 7s

Fifth half Fifth place
Australia 7s- South Africa 7s
Ireland 7s – Great Britain 7s

9th half 9th place
Samoa 7S – Spain 7S
Uruguay 7s – Fiji 7s

Semiconductors thirteenth place
Kenya 7s-USA 7s
Japan 7s – Germany 7s

Results and schedule for the women’s tournament

Australia 7s 17-7 Ireland 7s
7 Fiji 17-22 United States 7 sec
France 7s 28-10 Great Britain 7s
New Zealand 7s 29-7 Japan 7s

9th half 9th place
Canada 7s 26-17 Brazil 7s
Spain 7th 41 – 7 Poland 7th

Australia 7S-USA 7S
France 7s – New Zealand 7s

Fifth half Fifth place
Ireland 7s-Fiji 7s
Great Britain 7s – Japan 7s

Final ninth place
Canada 7s – Spain 7s

Final eleventh place
7s Brazil – Poland 7s

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