Rublev was still positive for Covid-19 when he entered Australia

Andrei Rublev in the photo

Andrey Rublev He went to Australia and is still testing positive for Covid-19. This was revealed by the world number six, who was one of the “injured” tennis players at the Mubadala World Tennis Championships in Abu Dhabi. Rublev has been given permission by the Australian government to enter, as the regulations state: Anyone already infected with Covid-19 and considered cured, is no longer considered to be at risk of infection.

“Now I am no longer getting tested because I have recovered from Covid. When I went to Australia I was still positive, but the viral load in my body was very low and not dangerous. They let me into the country. Also, I have been in quarantine for more than ten days. Maybe. I am still positive, but I am no longer contagious or dangerous. Since my illness, I no longer have to take a PCR test”, revealed after qualifying for the third round of the Australian Open.

To enter the country, Rublev had to provide documents proving the history of his positive test, as well as statements from his doctor who stated that Rublev had been cured and that he posed no risk of infecting others due to the low viral load.

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