Rt jump: about 1.55. Infection and inflammation are on the rise

Drawing Landmark PhotographyThe trend of the Covid-19 epidemic in Italy The past seven days, to confirm deteriorating trend In place for a few weeks now. The latest regional monitoring of control room Actually refers to how susceptibility index Rt Exceeds the threshold of 1 at the national level, settling A 1,26, with projection a 1.55 for next week, While injury he passed 19 to 41 cases per 100,000 residents.

Young people pull infection

Leap was also recorded in Contagion, pulled it Especially by young people. For this reason, the call of the Higher Institute of Health (ISS) and the Ministry of Health is to keep their eyes high and get vaccinated without hesitation.

The situation is getting worse

So the situation in further deterioration And during Delta variant of Sarskov virus 2 It is now spreading in the country, and areas classified as moderate risk are up to 19. However, the weekly survey shows that hospital departments are not affected and bear the upward curve: no autonomous region and province exceeds the critical staffing threshold of beds in the intensive care or medical field, with The employment rate remained steady at 2% albeit with a slight increase in the number of people receiving hospitalization.

I con new parameters In fact, the critical threshold that determines the transition to the yellow zone of the regions is fixed at 10% e 15th% (TOR 10% and 15%) of employment respectively for intensive and regular departments. In the face of this, it is more necessary than ever for citizens to complete the course of vaccination and intensify the follow-up and sequencing of cases, warns the control room.

The numbers are on the rise

The Daily numbers for the epidemicThe number of cases during the past 24 hours, according to the ministry’s bulletin, reached 5,143 (yesterday 5,057), while the number of victims reached 17, compared to 15 yesterday. The positivity rate stabilized at 2.2%. The hospitalizations are also stable, with 155 patients in intensive care for Covid (3 less than yesterday). On the other hand, 1,307 people were admitted to hospitals in regular wards (+70). “There is an increase in cases in almost all regions,” ISS chief Silvio Brusaferro explained at the Ministry of Health’s regular press conference to outline the weekly monitoring. “Municipalities with at least one case of Covid are growing from 2,267 to 2,958, and the incidence shows – he said – that in almost all areas there is a significant growth. RT has also protected itself towards a value of 1.55 next week.”

injured band

He explained that the growth is characterized first and foremost by cases in the range of 10-19 and 20-29 years and therefore “the younger population is the one who feeds the new cases of the epidemic with the average age of cases. It is being reduced to 25 years.”


L ‘Dropp off, Highlight again, “Hu doubleThe impact on health services is now limited, but the delta variable increases: hence the importance of completing the vaccination course, respecting distancing measures and using masks.”

The ministry’s director of prevention said the situation was “increasingly complicated”. Gianni Reza. Delta “unfortunately runs faster because the viral load is so high, and we’re seeing clusters of cases among children, teens and young adults.”

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Lots of unvaccinated

But despite the growing anxiety, they are. Still many unvaccinated, Especially among those over 60 years old. Reda then launched an appeal: “I am calling for people over 60 to get vaccinated and also for those over 50s, because hospitalization rates in these groups are not trivial. The increase in ongoing vaccinations is good, but a request for vaccination should be made specifically to avoid any crowding in structures Hospitals when – concludes the expert – a highly contagious variant spreads.”

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