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Ravenbund Announced by Systemic Reaction, the in-house team of Avalanche Studios Group, as a Action RPG with roguelite elementswhich has a feature Nordic ambiance inspired by Scandinavian folklore.

This isn’t the first time the game in question has surfaced, as some information has been found previously as well, but this is the official announcement of the game, by the team that previously developed Generation Zero and Second Extinction. Ravenbound consists of a mix of features that includes, in addition to the action combat system and RPG elements, also some references to dock building and roguelike, just so you don’t miss a thing.

To be precise, we are talking about “roguelite”, being a softer version of the characteristics of crustal mechanics characteristic of the respective subtype. In the end, it appears to be a hybrid that follows some new trends but also reinterprets them in its own way, with the setting coming back recently thanks to Valheim.

The Trailer ad From Ravenbound, published exclusively on IGN, is visible above and allows you to get a first look at the wonderful environments that characterize the game, which seem to be based on a very extensive environment and can be explored freely, in accordance with the dynamics of the classic open world. In addition to the rather realistic Scandinavian landscapes, the world of Ravenbound is full of fantastic and mythical creatures, which must be fought in various ways to carry out their missions.

There is no one yet release day For gaming, with PC as the only announced platform.

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