Royal family and rowing: Garibaldi and Ramilla meet Princess Anna by chance

UK citizens have been waiting for life for the chance to meet a member of the royal family – led by King Charles III, who took the throne a few weeks ago after the disappearance of his mother, Queen Elizabeth. II – and maybe have a conversation. Yesterday at Saundersfoot, that honor went by pure chance to Federico Garibaldi and Alice Ramella, the Santo Stefano colorists who compete in the Beach Sprint World Championships in the Senior Mix double and – Alice of course – in the Senior Female. Indeed, in Wales, Princess Anne, daughter of Queen Elizabeth, sister of King Charles III and the first member of the royal family to visit Saundersfoot, was visiting the racetrack area, located on the site for the inauguration of the painting. At the entrance to the new port of the city, a few meters from the competition square.

At that moment, as Princess Anna greeted her subjects, Federico and Alice immediately found themselves, passing the athletes’ tent at the World Rowing Beach Sprint standing right in front of the harbor. The Azorean duo, still wearing competition equipment, intrigued Princess Anna, who was a huge fan of the sport – in the 1970s she won a gold and two silver medals at the European Championships and represented her country at the 1976 Olympics in Montreal. At the executive level from 1986 to 1994 she was the president of the International Equestrian Federation, while from 1988 she was among the members of the International Olympic Committee – never wasted a moment to ask Federico and Alice about the sports they played and to learn about the competitions in general and their results in particular. An exciting moment for Garibaldi and Ramilla, who, with a bit of luck, realize what a lifelong dream for all subjects of the Crown is.

Image above ph; Pictured below is a girl Gareth Davis Photography/Western Telegraph

World Rowing Beach Sprint Finals – Saundersfoot Special

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