Roy Lassiter: The Genoa meteor that ended up in FIFA 98 and in trouble with the law

Two appearances with Genoa and the canceled overhead kick legend. In the 1990s, he got into trouble for burglary: “I forgot about it.”

When in September 1994 Roy Lassiter He takes his son in his arms, in a hospital in Turrialba, Costa Rica, and does not think about the future as an artillery captain, nor about the difficult past that threatened his career. He only has eyes for newborn Ariel, who twenty years later will follow in his father’s footsteps as a striker in the United States, Central America, and yes, even in Sweden.

Ariel Lassiter, in 2023, is still finding his way. He is part of the Beckham Inter Miami team, playing as a winger and striker. He’s not an elite bomber, but he’s been part of a national team for quite some time, the Costa Rican national team, able to qualify for the World Cup with great perseverance and starting a netizen’s search for his origin time after time. But is Costa Rica African, Asian or American? And above all we say Costa Rica or Costa Rica? Looking forward to the next World Cup to review everyone’s intention to keyboard.

It can be said that Ariel Lassiter has already made his way into football history in general, considering his status as a professional footballer on the field with the Costa Rican National Team and in Major League Soccer, but in a more straightforward sense of the term, he didn’t really manage to get that moment. . That data, that memory bequeathed to posterity is able to enter a folder dedicated to the sport that his father Roy played in the late eighties.

A book containing the most important and important historical works of American football On the other hand, he can’t avoid inserting his father’s name, Roy, into it. He raised Ariel, who knows, whispering about his actions, his regrets, and those dark memories he tried to bury, which suddenly surface.

Events that could have changed his story, without taking him to Costa Rica. Unbeknownst to Wendy, he raised his son, Ariel, into a meteor, scoring an impressive number of goals that lasted over twenty years.

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