Rovini (Revenue Agencies): ‘Scam 950 Million House Bonus, Urgent Action’

The total amount of construction bonus fraud, including Superbonus, amounts to 950 million, “nearly a billion and almost all bonuses are converted into cash.” are the updated data provided by the Director of Revenue Agency, Ernesto Maria Ruffini, in half an hour on Raitre. It is precisely for this reason that “intervention was urgent” with Decree issued by the government regarding controls. Ruffini then warned that “Suji is updating the procedures”, at the end of this week operations were suspended, but “the channel will open at the beginning of next week” for communications related to construction bonuses.

Nearly 1 billion construction bonus scam

The fraud on the transfer of construction bonus credits, including the premium bonus, «950 million euros, amounted to nearly 1 billion euros. Sogei is updating the procedures, at the end of this week we stopped the procedures but next week everything will start again. The institute is correct and must be preserved.” So the director of the Revenue Agency, Ernesto Maria Ruffini, gave an interview to Lucia Annunziata in another half hour. “Obviously, the government’s response was issued and it was an emergency decision, so if they weren’t upset there wouldn’t be.” “We received reports from citizens who told us that they signed the papers,” he said, but that “no work has started” or, he said, “of work done by companies that are not in the construction phase.”

Tax evasion is declining

Ruffini then spoke about the issue of tax evasion: “In recent years, the tax evasion figure for major taxes has decreased by 15%. And just because it’s decreasing doesn’t mean the agency gets the money back, it just means that the citizens adapt. The evasion is decreasing, and we are on the right track, but we must continue to make the presence of the state tangible.” While $8 billion was saved in the budget maneuver for the tax cut “it wasn’t just a number, rates and tax bases, but something more complex. Choosing how to spend the ‘number’ can affect a lot and can be especially visible in a citizen’s wallet if used in a certain way , while it is less clear when spreading.The important thing is that the choice is “shared by the majority”.

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With the emergence of global minimum taxes from the taxes of large companies

Then the director of Inland Revenue spoke about the global minimum tax on multinational companies, which the leaders of the Group of Twenty agreed at the Rome summit after years of negotiations, and will especially strike the web giants that have grown in recent years, from Amazon on Facebook. World leaders pledged to implement it by 2023, enshrined in the framework of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development where it was signed by 136 out of 140 countries. “It is difficult to object to the digital economy. And the agreement signed by the countries and the results of the Group of Twenty “on the global minimum tax” allow us to avoid fleeing to countries with tax privileges, and this will allow for a greater emergence of taxes.”

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