Rosemary: discover anti-cancer properties

Present in all Italian kitchens for the aromatic notes emanating from its twigs, which are used to give an extra touch to meat, fish, vegetables and rosemary that have long been the focus of some studies of the beneficial activities shown by some of their components, today also sees confirmation of important anti-cancer properties.

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The Rosemary it’s a professional plant It grows in large bushes and features beautiful lilac flowers. This aromatic herb is rich Useful properties for the body. he have toning effect, Improves Rotation slow downaging.

Useful properties of rosemary

The Rosemary Motivate Rotation On the contrary free strays, will slow downcell aging. her job healing, improves health Poetry. . phase breathingIt strengthens memory and has a positive effect on mood. Another new search found too useful propertyممتلكات of this aromatic herb.

Rosemary to fight cancer cells

The first to check its effects on cancer cells in culture glioblastoma multiforme, between brain tumors More aggressive and average survival, are the researchers of the Department of Pharmacology of the University of Pisa, in particular the biochemistry group of Professor Claudia Martini in collaboration with the group of phytochemistry of Professor Alessandra Braca.

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Thanks to the study just published on the prestigious website Scientific journal International Journal of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, experts note that some elements subordinate the plant Can be used as traditional auxiliary materialsواد Anti-cancer treatments. Especially just fat, present as well as in Rosemaryas well as in the other spices it uses Mediterranean diet Which salvia.

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How does carnosol work?


His work will be able to reactivate The p53 . protein, a tumor suppressor It is considered one of the most important factors for controlling للسيطرة Development Based on Progress subordinate IllnessIt is inactive in 50% of human cancers.

The discovery is of great importance because, as stated by Chiara Giacomelli (first author of the study):

“It could open up the study of molecules that have significant and measurable impact on the nutritional and pharmacological level.”

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