RomUniverse will have to eliminate all pirated games –

last June nintendo had won Wave Against the well-known ROM site known as RomUniverse, which illegally shared games with the Nintendo Switch and 3DS, raising $2.1 million in compensation. Now the US court has ordered the owner, Matthew Strowman, to “permanently” delete all large securities if he does not want to face further legal trouble.

View RomUniverse’s rich catalog of ROM To download using a certain format: It was actually possible to pay a subscription amount of $30 per year for easy access to ROMs and particularly fast loading.

After winning the case, Nintendo once again had to send its lawyer to ask second scale Against Storman, after the latter apparently suggested opening a new illegal ROM site.

Super Mario Odyssey, one of the major Nintendo Switch titles
Super Mario Odyssey, one of the major Nintendo Switch titles

Accordingly, the court ordered Strowman to “permanent destruction All unauthorized Nintendo games or other copies of Nintendo’s intellectual property rights including movies, books, and music. “This action also prohibits the distribution, copying, selling and even playing of illegal ROMs related to Big N products in the future.

The judge imposed on Storman the August 17 deadline to comply with the request, while by August 20 he would have to fill out a declaration confirming that he had taken note and followed the directions above. Needless to say, if future Storm ever proves guilty of ROM-related crimes, Nintendo will be charged with committing them. false testimony And he could risk imprisonment.

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