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Romney calls first debate between Trump and Biden an ’embarrassment’

It. Mitt RomneyIs Willard (Dead) Mitt Romney Biden’s plan a debate game? Keep calm and win President Trump faces upheaval in first debate Oliver of HBO slams “Black Week” after Barrett’s nomination: “Desperate” More (Utah), the Republican presidential candidate in 2012, said the first debate between President TrumpDonald John Trump – Five notes from the controversy between Trump and Biden clash with the note: debate or disaster? Democrats are tearing Trump down for not condemning white supremacists, Boise is proud to debate more And vice president Joe BidenJoe Biden: Five notes from the Trump-Biden debate clash with the memo: debate or disaster? Democrats are tearing Trump down for not condemning white supremacists, Boise is proud to debate more, Which was full of interruptions, personal insults and cross-talk, was a “source of embarrassment.”

“I thought it was embarrassing last night, debate,” Romney told reporters as he entered the weekly Republican lunch in the Senate.

Other Republican senators described the debate as “loud,” “raw,” “rough,” and “feisty,” as the senator put it. Ben SassyBenjamin (Ben) Eric Sassi The memo: Trump’s anger raises concerns about unrest Why is the back door of encrypted data harmful to cybersecurity and data integrity McNani says Trump will accept the result of a ‘free and fair election’ More (R-Neb.), “Shitshow,” echoing CNN’s description Dana BashDana Bash the note: Debate or disaster? Wallace fights to maintain order in the bad first debate, Wolf Blitzer of CNN: “I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the last presidential debate” between Biden and Trump. More Used on air after discussion.

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Even some of Trump’s staunchest supporters believed the debate was out of control.

It. James EinhoffJames (Jim) Mountain Innhof Overnight Defense: Court of Appeals Resurrects House Lawsuit Against Military Funding of Border Wall | Democrats press to impose restrictions on transferring military equipment to the police | Lawmakers request IG investigation into Pentagon’s use of COVID-19 money Democrats are pushing to limit transfers of military equipment to police Chamber of Commerce McSally supports for re-election More (R-Okla.) He said Trump’s performance was “a bit strong” and advised him to “adjust himself a little” in the next debate.

It. Tom TellesThomas (Tom) Roland Tillis, Senate Democrats Want to Avoid Kavanaugh 2.0 Poll: Biden, Trump Tied in North Carolina Graham Neck and Neck with Contender in Senate Race in South Carolina: Poll More (RN.C), who is in a tough reelection race, hesitated a moment when asked about his reaction to the messy debate, as any political discussion backed off the personal punches that became at times so tangled as the candidates talked about each other that it was hard to follow. Who was saying what.

“Oh, it wasn’t a debate between Lincoln and Douglas,” Tillis said, referring to the famous series of debates between Abraham Lincoln and Senator Stephen Douglas during the 1858 midterm elections, which for centuries set the standard for major political debate.

It. John BozemanJohn Nichols Bozeman, COVID-19 relief talks look dead until September The Republican Party in the Senate hedge against attending Trump’s conference amid escalating coronavirus Report Hills Coronavirus: Artistic Director of the San Francisco Gay Chorus Tim Selig says choruses are dangerous; “We saved lives,” Pence says (R-Ark.) He said he believed the event “was too raw” while the Senator. Kevin KramerKevin John Cramer Netflix turns away from author’s comments about Uyghur Muslims but defends the abortion bill stokes Republican Party tensions on the Supreme Court and fights the growing momentum among Republicans to vote the Supreme Court ahead of Election Day More (RN.D.) He said it was “noisy”.

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When asked if he was proud of Trump’s performance, Kramer, a staunch Trump ally, replied, “Pride isn’t a word I use often.”

Brown said, “I clearly denounce it, that is, extremism on both sides. This is what I will do.”

Trump called on the proud boys to “stand back and stand aside” and then quickly added, “Someone has to do something about Antifa and the left.”

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