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Romina Power and Albano together in the US? The reality of the singer

Romina Power interferes on her social channels to deny the news that has been crazy for a few hours and also related to Albano Carisi. That’s what it is.

Romina Bauer and Albano Caresi (Getty Images)

only yesterday Albano Caresi NS Romina Power They remembered their daughter Yelenia on their social networks, He disappeared under mysterious circumstances on January 6, 1994 in New Orleans. A wound that is still open for them 27 years later. A shocking happened that split them up for a very long time, until they decided to mend their relationship.

In 2013, in fact, after years separated from each other both physically and professionally, they decided to reconcile. The two, as many know, were the protagonists of one novel Meet MoscaThey returned to perform together which made many of their fans around the world happy.

They then followed their participation in the Sanremo Festival, where they returned to Ariston together after twenty-four years. Without neglecting the other TVs hosted and a tour I took all over Italy and around the world. Concerts that continue to work together, but also alone.

This is the case of Albano who is about to leave for the US without Romina, even if tickets for sale by organizers say Bauer will be present at the live shows. News denied by Romina. Let’s see what happened.

Albano and Romina Power in the US: The singer’s denial

We know very well that Albano Carisi and Romina are tempting together. All fans love to see them together and hope to see them Technical link They never stop, even though their private lives are now divided over twenty years.

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Maybe it’s to sell more tickets or in return for incorrectly delivered news, but this time Albano will be touring around the US alone and thus without Romina. Carisi’s ex-wife revealed the news on her social channels.

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“This information is wrong. The tour of the United States is by Albano alone,” Bauer wrote a screen published showing the sale of tickets to the Albano and Romina concerts. An important clarification for many fans.

Romina Power (Instagram)
Romina Power (Instagram)

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