Rome, Medicine and Dentistry of Cattolica, close to 9000 candidates for 325 places –

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Training in Fiera de Roma today and tomorrow. Girls dominate: 6,147 female candidates and 2779 male candidates. In the leadership of students from Campania. 1,749 registered in Medicine and Surgery for 80 places

About 9000 candidates for 325 places: 300 for medicine and surgery and 25 for dentistry and dentistry. Today and tomorrow, entrance exams for the degree courses in medicine, surgery, dentistry and dental prosthetics at the Catholic University are being held in Rome. For a competition of 8,550 students in medicine and surgery and 376 students in dentistry and prosthetics. Coming from all over Italy, there are exactly 8,926 registered, of whom 6,147 are female and 2,779 are male: most are from Campania, followed by students from Lazio, Puglia, Sicily, Calabria, Lombardy.

For medicine and surgery, one is accepted for every 28 candidates; One for every 15 dental and dental candidates. As in the last year, the entrance competition is held in two days, and is divided into four examination sessions, in order to form four groups of participants spread over four pavilions. Each sector of the fair has about 600 candidates, spaced more than 2 meters apart (normal capacity is up to 2,000 seats). The test lasts 60 minutes. At the end of each session, the halls are sterilized to ensure absolute safety inside and outside the building.

The entrance exam consists of a written test of 60 multiple-choice questions on the topics of Logical and Logical Mathematical Reasoning, Biology, Chemistry and Physics, General Culture, English, Moral Religious Culture with five answer options, including the candidate must select the correct option. One by ignoring the wrong conclusions. Test results will be announced from 4 April on the website of the University of Cattolica’s Rome Campus: Final Merit Rankings for each course of study.

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The educational offer of the College of Medicine and Surgery also includes a one-cycle Master’s degree course in Medicine and Surgery, entirely in English. Exams valid for admission into the first academic year 2022/23 will be held on Wednesday 6 and Thursday 7 April, consisting of 30 places for EU citizens residing anywhere and non-EU citizens residing in Italy. Fifty were instead reserved for non-EU citizens residing abroad. Register of applications for the degree course, which registered 1,749 students, of whom 1,327 are from the European Union and 421 are from outside the European Union. Entrance examinations for European candidates will be conducted in attendance at test centers spread all over Italy (in the cities of Rome, Milan, Catania, Palermo, Cagliari, Bari and Reggio Calabria) and abroad (29 candidates in Lisbon, 13 in Munich, 12 in Athens, 10 in London, etc.). Non-EU candidates will take the test on the same day, but remotely.

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