Rome, fire Nuno Santos: still pending

won’t have first disqualificationEven if it was his first expulsion. The prepared subordinate goalkeepers from Rome MourinhoAnd No No Santoshe’s quite young troubled When accompanying the team on the bench. He was already suspended for two days after the match against Verona, which Mourinho caught red From Barreto for the gesture of the phone call, and above all he was punished for three rounds after the altercation that took place in Bodo’s locker room, after the first leg of the quarter-finals conspiracywhen denouncing Rome aaggression Which UEFA did not believe in, preferring to punish the litigants in the same way (the other was Bodeau’s coach, Knutsen).


during Rome Bologna Instead he was dismissed by the referee blacksmiths To protest a bit lively at the start of the second half. So he will have to watch from the stands at least the championship game in Florence – Los Angeles disqualification Automatic after expulsion: Today the sports judge will make decisions – and he will not be able to participate even in the second semi-final against Lister. His absence from the match became frequent. And for the players with whom he establishes a very strong motivational feeling, the loss has its own value. At King Power Stadium, for example, he was seated in the press box next to the professionals in the Roma press office.

Loyalty to Mourinho

Born in 1973, a former goalkeeper with a decent level, joined the staff by Mourinho in 2019, when he left Lille to join the technical staff of Tottenham. Born in Setúbal, just like the coach, he played in several countries (England, USA, Canada, Spain, Cyprus) before pursuing his career as a goalkeeper coach. He had professional experiences in Portugal, at Farense, then dedicated himself to the Canadian national team for three years. in the environment in particular quotedBecause he’s one of those coaches who allows goalkeepers to improve: Mike knows something about that MinyanAnd today, the famous guardian of Milan, who worked with him in the 2018/19 season. also with Roy Patricioin a choice that counted in Mourinho’s eyes, he established a very fruitful professional relationship: already in the first days of the withdrawal, with ease of communication in Portuguese, Nuno Santos He devoted himself entirely to the newcomer, to allow him to reach the best sporting condition as quickly as possible. The next challenge, in addition to better management of reactions off the bench, is called Mile Svilar, the Belgian goalkeeper of Serbian origin who Rome Already signed for next season on a free transfer.

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Rome, video of the fight between Knutsen and Nuno Santos after Bodo Roma

Watch the video

Rome, video of the fight between Knutsen and Nuno Santos after Bodo Roma

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