Rome, checks in Casilino: penalties for violating the times of the Khans

As part of the extraordinary checks prepared by the police command, agents of the VI Casilino District, together with the staff of the Lazio Crime Prevention Department, the UPGSP’s Canine and Kite Control Unit, examined 57 people – 24 of whom had police records – 27 vehicles And two stores reported a man.

The first examination took place inside a game room, in Largo Brandizzi, where the agents went to inform Quaestor ordinance to suspend the license under Section 88 TULPS, for two days, due to misuse of property. But during the notice, agents found that gaming machines with cash prizes were turned on again during the time the operation was suspended, for which an administrative fine of 150 euros was also imposed.

The second relates to the food and beverage management activity, in which the police found the operation of game machines with cash prizes during off hours and the presence of food in the refrigerator without the prescribed identification card, for which the owner could not provide tracking documents, which were therefore subject to administrative confiscation. Administrative fines of a financial nature for these non-compliances were challenged in the total amount of 1650 euros.

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